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Daniel Grimwood - piano

Rachmaninov & Blumenfeld


Felix Blumenfeld (1863-1931)

Sonata-Fantasia Op.46

1. I Allegro non tanto 8:20
2. II Andante, Poetico 7:42
3. III Tempo de l’Andante 6:01

Op. 38
4. I Près de l’eau 1:41
5. II L’Ile abandonée 3:31
6. III Lento, ma non troppo 1:45
7. IV Barcarolle 1:56
8. V Saules pleureurs 2:35
9. VI La Fontaine 2:00

Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943)

Sonata No. 1 in D Minor; Op. 28
10. I Allegro Moderato 12:39
11. II Lento 8:32
12. III Allegro Molto 13:57


Daniel Grimwood's latest recital CD does full justice to Rachmaninov's first sonata, about which the composer had serious misgivings, and makes a strong case for his friend Felix Blumenfeld, which he came across whilst cataloguing a collection of scores of music by composers "some familiar, soeme forgotten, Blumenfeld the most inexplicably neglected".

Grimwood's account of the latter's Sonata-Fantasia Op 46, the peak of Blumenfeld's piano oeuvre, completely vindicates that judgment; "marked by dramatic, at times frenzied, quality which heralds Rachmaninov and Skryabin" [Richard Beattie Davis].

The recording is superb and the production has fine notes by Grimwood and Davis, put together stylishly by designer Adam Woolf.

"Daniel Grimwood marshals the torrent of notes ... with impressive bravura; the limpid quasi-impressionistic writing of Près de l'eau and La Fontaine (are) delivered with great sensitivity." BBC Music Magazine June 2010